From Unemployed to Employer

Today, I'm a wife and mother of three recognized as an International Consultant, and Award-Winning Tech and Food Entrepreneur, but that's not how I started. Here's my story.

At the age of 24, I was on the road to fulfilling my dreams. Rewind, I had arrived to Seton Hall as a Dr. Martin Luther King Scholar and in 5 and a half years completed a Bachelors and dual Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, and Public Administration on two full tuition scholarships. With a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a minor in Business Administration degree under my belt, I was ready and confident to enter the workforce. I did not expect what came after. Despite having many academic accolades, I found myself in a position like most young people in this generation: unemployed.

Within two weeks of graduation, I registered myself, my nine month old newborn and husband for government support. After countless rejection letters and dead end interviews, I decided
“If they won’t hire me, I’ll hire myself.” That's when I learned how to loose the title and win the experience.

In 2016, my business partner, Naomi Jordan Cook, and I launched the Virtual Global Consultant Group LLC also known as the VGC Group. VGC is global IT company that helps entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations adopt digitalization to access new revenue and value-producing opportunities.

It was at this point in the journey that I learned that “consciousness is the first form of currency”. My mindset shift totally from consumer to producer, especially as it pertained to digitalization and the impact on the global economy.

Within the company, our motto and focus became transforming companies from "brick and mortar to click and order".

This mindset shift was catalytic for us as a business and for me as a subject matter expert. In addition to launching a food manufacturer called The Mushroom Angel Company producing meat alternatives made from mushrooms across the state of Michigan during the pandemic, I have been appointed by the White House’s US Secretary of Commerce to the District Export Council in eastern Michigan. We secured more than $30K+ grant to travel to countries like Malawi, Ghana and Uganda to teach digital technology to entrepreneurs. We helped a Ghanaian-based beauty business increase average monthly sales from $2.5K to $15K by selling globally. We helped a Ghanaian-based ministry reach and engage new US followers and raise more than $500K in donations online and so much more.

It is in this context and more that From the Desk of The Digital Diplomat provides personal and professional mentorship through courses and resources to help you impact locally and build globally in your subject matter expertise.